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Vidal Sassoon Zero Gravity Salon ft. the new CC Cream

Best life saver award goes to.... *drum roll*.... VS CC Cream! Yup, that's right! Not your ordinary CC Cream that's made especially for your hair. It's a new beauty hack you shouldn't miss - I mean it! As a woman with a long hair, bad-hair-day is kinda like my best friend. Aside from the fact that long hair is pretty hard to maintain, I plead guilty for being lazy to keep up. Oops! But as I said, this new product of Vidal Sassoon is a life saver that's long lasting when applied and is keeping my hair well behaved all day long. Thanks to VS and Viss app (btw, follow me) for introducing this to me!

I got the chance to be styled at the VS Zero Gravity Salon (you might have seen it around HK the past days), by one of HK's best hairstylists, Nick of Orient 4 Salon. And as you know, it's always been a girl-with-a-straight-long-hair's dream to have the perfect waves. I had it way back but it wasn't as amazing as what Nick did. He used VS products and of course, the VS CC Cream - my hair was frizz-free the whole day so I took advantage of it and took so much selfies. Hah! Make sure to try it! Seriously, you'll love it as much as I did. It's light weight and it doesn't give you that sticky feeling at all - especially in this insanely hot weather. 

COTTON ON cropped top // ONE TEASPOON jeans // FOREVER 21 necklace // ZARA heels //

xx, i
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Photo Diary | HKFW S/S'14 - day 1

Hollaaaaa! I'm gonna start bombarding you now with my fun-filled HKFW SS'14 adventure - I hope you scroll through 'til the end of this post 'cause there's a lot. I just can't help but include all of them in. One of many #bloggerproblems I still can't deal with. Well, I tried, but... oops! Haha! 

It was worth spending almost a week at HKCEC, walking and running around in heels from show to show (I did brought a pair of flats with me... sssshh! lol). Trust me, this season's designers are amazing and truly talented, you'll get inspired - I did and still am. I made sure that I get to watch every single fashion show and I sure did not miss a single catwalk moment. *wink*

Brand Collection Show
with my girl Karen of helloabella.com

Here goes FASHIONALLY, where designers never fail to wow everybody with amazing collections. Can't miss this show!

MA Graduation Fashion Show by PolyU.
Finally united with this gal, Carla of carlaviolet.com

wearing COTTON ON overalls // REPLAY chambray shirt (wrapped on waist) // ZARA heels

xx, i.

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