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Last but definitely not the least of the Zalora HK x Style Kush x Helloabella collab - loving the dramatic shots here. Mine and Karen's take on cropped tops with this one. 

I went on a li'l classic vibe with my outfit - it's kinda giving me some early 90's feels. The fabric of my top reminds me of a dress I had as a kid and the skirt reminds of how ladies would dress up back in the early 90's - referring on my mother's old photos - which is pretty cool, by the way. I always like looking back on iconic old school trends and bringing them back to life - just like how super high waisted jeans/pants made a come back.

I also love Karen's cropped top - the print and the cut. It brings out her adventurous personality in a sophisticated way *wink*. Check out more about her outfit on helloabella.com.

Photography by Gabrielle Salonga

xx, i.


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Part 2 | Zalora HK x Style Kush x Helloabella

Finally back from a long holiday. Meaning it's time for the part 2 of my collab with Karen (helloeabella.com) and Zalora HK.
For my outfit, I went a little bit more casual with a classic draped bodycon skirt - which by the way I dig so much - and paired it with a printed/textured cropped top so the outfit won't look to boring and awkward. I also love how the cut of the top flaunts my shoulders and arms perfectly - justice taken. And of course, what could go wrong with a nude pointed heels with black lining that added attitude on the outfit. Talking about 'simple but catchy'.

P.S. there will be some changes on the blogsoon - it could be the theme or maybe some additions here and there. I'm looking on making it more simple and easy breezy. Watch out for it!

Part 3 of the collab will be coming up soon! Stay tuned!

ON ME // MISS SELFRIDGE cropped top, drape skirt (similar)
ON KAREN // SOMETHING BORROWED top and shorts, ZALORA (house brand) heels

xx, i.


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PART 1 | ZALORA HK x Style Kush x Helloabella

ON ME// River Island off-shoulder dress, Zalora heels
ON KAREN// Jean Lauie crop top, River Island floral pants, Zalora platform heels

Last month, me and Karen (helloabella.com) did a style jam session at Zalora Hong Kong's pop-up shop in Causeway Bay. We had so much fun from picking out clothes, mixing and matching and of course, a photo shoot sesh with the talented photographer, Gabrielle Salonga.

For this style jam, I went a little lady-like. Just... you know, to get out my shell. But of course, I still wanted to keep my own vibe with my outfits so for this one, I picked a long, off-shoulder bodycon dress - in black (really expected, i). I love how it's so simple yet classy and edgy at the same time. I also matched it with a floral strappy heels to add a bit of color.

I also love how Karen wore the floral pants with a plain white cropped top. She's a master at rocking a printed piece without making the outfit too busy. ;)

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3! 

xx, i.

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The Art of "Lazy Dressing"

Not so long ago, my cousin (Frech Otv Lo),  tagged me on a post called, "Master Lazy Dressing" by Stylebible.ph and she was like "so you!". I know, it's not such a biggie going laid-back because, wtf, it's too simple, now who cares? Lol, jk. I just love the fact that there are people who appreciates that kind of dressing and sees art in it or generally just sees art in simplicity... y'all have my respect. Haha! Anyway, I thought, why not do my take on lazy-dressing? So here it is.

I'm usually the kind who would choose comfy over 'tiis ganda', as we call it in the Philippines, which basically means "I will wear this shxt no matter how uncomfy it is" - no hate intended, I have my moments too and I'm really impressed with people who can handle it really well. I may not be the most adventurous person when it comes to dressing up. I usually go with basics and neutrals, not because I'm scared to put on prints, colors and all that. I think it's because I have a chill personality and I love the idea of putting on something easy breezy and adding few touches of edginess here and there. I still wear prints and colors from time to time but i guess not as much as others do. 

ZARA off-shoulders top, denim shorts and bag // CONVERSE shoes // RAYBAN sunglasses

xx, i.

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