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PART 1 | ZALORA HK x Style Kush x Helloabella

ON ME// River Island off-shoulder dress, Zalora heels
ON KAREN// Jean Lauie crop top, River Island floral pants, Zalora platform heels

Last month, me and Karen (helloabella.com) did a style jam session at Zalora Hong Kong's pop-up shop in Causeway Bay. We had so much fun from picking out clothes, mixing and matching and of course, a photo shoot sesh with the talented photographer, Gabrielle Salonga.

For this style jam, I went a little lady-like. Just... you know, to get out my shell. But of course, I still wanted to keep my own vibe with my outfits so for this one, I picked a long, off-shoulder bodycon dress - in black (really expected, i). I love how it's so simple yet classy and edgy at the same time. I also matched it with a floral strappy heels to add a bit of color.

I also love how Karen wore the floral pants with a plain white cropped top. She's a master at rocking a printed piece without making the outfit too busy. ;)

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3! 

xx, i.

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The Art of "Lazy Dressing"

Not so long ago, my cousin (Frech Otv Lo),  tagged me on a post called, "Master Lazy Dressing" by Stylebible.ph and she was like "so you!". I know, it's not such a biggie going laid-back because, wtf, it's too simple, now who cares? Lol, jk. I just love the fact that there are people who appreciates that kind of dressing and sees art in it or generally just sees art in simplicity... y'all have my respect. Haha! Anyway, I thought, why not do my take on lazy-dressing? So here it is.

I'm usually the kind who would choose comfy over 'tiis ganda', as we call it in the Philippines, which basically means "I will wear this shxt no matter how uncomfy it is" - no hate intended, I have my moments too and I'm really impressed with people who can handle it really well. I may not be the most adventurous person when it comes to dressing up. I usually go with basics and neutrals, not because I'm scared to put on prints, colors and all that. I think it's because I have a chill personality and I love the idea of putting on something easy breezy and adding few touches of edginess here and there. I still wear prints and colors from time to time but i guess not as much as others do. 

ZARA off-shoulders top, denim shorts and bag // CONVERSE shoes // RAYBAN sunglasses

xx, i.

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REVIEW | Love Notes by Jurlique

See, I've been meaning to try Jurlique for so long and I finally gave in. It was a blessing in disguise. I've been having trouble dealing with my annoying sensitive skin since weather kept changing and changing - like my skin itself was confused about it.  So basically my skin was pretty screwed the whole spring time. Sucks, right? And with my skin type, I have to change skin care products from season to season. The fact that I can't just use whatever's available, makes it even harder.

This set of awesomeness got my attention 2 weeks ago and I finally decided to purchase it. I've seen Rumi Neely - my soul sister (but she doesn't know) - posted photos of the Rosewater Balancing Mist way back and as a sucker for facial mists, I got curious. Perfect timing, they currently offer a set - LOVE NOTES - that includes the Balancing Mist, Skin Balancing Face Oil and Love Balm (for lips and nails). 

I've been using them for few days now and I love that it's working really good for my skin. I use the face oil at night and during the day along with the serum sample they gave me (they said it works better with it) and it has kept my skin well moisturized and it's not even as sticky as how oils are supposed to be (p.s. don't forget to wear sunblock). The facial mist also helps to freshen up my face during the day that I don't even have to do as much touch ups. Lastly, the balm has kept my lips super smooth. I think I'll be sticking to these products and gotta purchase their serum soon.  Oh and how could I even forget, they smell SO DXMN GOOD! 

xx, i.

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YAS! A new outfit post, finally. It felt like forever already since the last, which was before April... I think. Anyway, the birth month was pretty hectic and I haven't even edited the video I'm supposed to do but I'll get back with ya'll on that.

On the other note, there's been pretty much a lot of changes with my vibe lately or that's just what I think or feel, at least. I'm trying to keep my mood on a positive level as much as I can and trying to enjoy every single spontaneity that's coming along - loving and living it. It even felt like it as well with my choices of clothing lately. I feel like I'm slowly transitioning from edgy to more subtle and carefree mood. Though there's still a pinch of edginess here and there. I'm never getting away with it, I guess.

MANGO  denim jacket // ZARA tee // H&M shorts // PRIMADONNA sandals // PRETTY DANGEROUS accessories // RAYBAN eyewear

xx, i.


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GHD CURVE x Airplay Bar

(left-right: Norbyah of I'm A Norbyah, Me, Elma of Stylicious, Emma of Dog and Pony Vintage, Sabrina of First Wives Studio, Janet of Jannah Velma Nior and Jasmine of Dress Me Blog Me)

Nothing beats a well spent pampering day at Airplay Bar with my fellow fashion bloggers while nibbling sweets, sipping bubbles and of course getting my hands on my new favorite, GHD curve.

I was so thrilled to be part of this fun filled event and get to try the newest GHD Curve first hand. The new range of GHD curve launched last March 2015. The collection includes the classic curl tong, creative curl wand, soft curl tong and the classic wave wand.

Each one of us were able to get styled by the GHD and Airplay Bar team and were taught how to use the curlers - easy as 1 ghd, 2 ghd, 3 ghd, 4 ghd, 5 ghd ;)
It is so easy to use and the fact that the curls stays for a long time, excites me. I love playing with my hair from dye, straightening and curls, so these curling wands are really awesome catch!

Thanks to the GHD team and Airplay Bar for having us and of course to Jasmine for the invite. We all had a fun pamper day!

Photos by KAN MAN.

GHD is available at Lane Crawford in Time Square and Canton Road.
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