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Here's a quick outfit post with photos taken from last weekend. I love pieces that are catchy but not too flashy and is easy to wear. Something I could just grab out from my closet without taking so much time deciding (we all had those days) and would still look chic. A piece you could wear for casual strolls and even for a night out. Just like the shorts I wore for this look, which I got from Jourdi Shore. Ya'll should check it out!

And yes, I still can't cut my hair - it's that hard, so moving on.... haha!

MONKI tee and bag // JOURDISHORE shorts // ZARA cutout boots // SUNNIES by Charlie eyewear

xx, i.


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I've been eyeing on dusty grey and pink combo lately as well as metallic silver paired with dusty pink. I'm not usually the person who loves the color pink, but I couldn't resist with this combo.

xx, i.


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I love how menswear makes me feel when I wear one... or two. Aside from the fact that it's ten times more comfy, it somehow gives a sexy laid-back feel without being too tacky. Especially when it's worn loose and undone, it adds edge to your personality and a 'mysterious' kind of look. Some of you probably get the same feeling and some probably don't appreciate it. Guess it depends on how you wear it. 

This photo is giving me second thoughts on cutting my hair. Now I'm on a serious hair crisis. help! x_x

H&M menswear basic tee and flannel shirt // DIY distressed denim shorts // ZARA heels

xx, i.


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Here's a look featuring this addition to my jeans collection, a pair of customized tie dyed, slim tapered jeans c/o Chevignon. I love how tie dye never goes out of style, it's one of those timeless pieces you could keep for a long time. Paired it with a plain tee... mens tee, to give it a comfy vibe... or maybe I'm just really into them. And yes, I'm guilty of finding myself heading to mens section a lot. There's just really something about mens pieces and their screaming at me... ALL THE DXMN TIME... and i love it. hah!

 Tattoo done by one of HK's bests, Nic Tse (Owner, Tattoo Artist at Mei Wah Tattoo). Link to his Instagram here or just search @jynt.

So I had two tatts done by him (in one go), one is at my back (will try to post it soon) and this one. It's my favorite bible verse, Philippians 4:13 (in Greek) - "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength",which has a connection to my back tattoo. 

 jeans c/o CHEVIGNON // H&M mens basic tee // DOLCE & GABBANA c/o SmartBuyGlasses.com

Photos by Ming Otv

xx, i


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Photo Diary | HKFW S/S'14 Day 3

Here goes day 3 of HKFW (I know, it's super late). Don't worry, this is the last for the saga. haha. Went to 3 shows: HKDI Fashion Talent Show, Macau Fashion Parafe and "Modern Tribes & Egos" by Raffles Hong Kong (really amazing job for a first house show at HKFW). 

HKDI Talent Show

Macau Fashion Parade

Modern Tribes & Egos by Raffles Hong Kong

(after party)

photos by me and (last three) by Pierre.

xx, i.

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