THE CHIC SWAG is basically about I's (that's me *insert wink*) obsession and view about fashion, personal style and life. It could just be randomly about anything and everything under the sun but mainly about fashion - 'cause again, she is obsessed with the whole fashion thing... (how redundant is that?) This blog aims to share, inspire and entertain, maybe?

'I' is short for 'Ira'... (my very lovely and closest friends tried their best to make my name shorter. heh.) Born and raised in Philippines but is now living in Hong Kong. She is now in her early 20's - loving and living it. I, believes in two things - "I can do everything through HIM", Philippians 4:13 and "be happy 'cause, YOLO!" *insert smile* (I just don't want to leave this world with regrets and hatred. I'll smile and spread the love instead)

Just like other people, she's a dreamer who make mistakes and learn from it. (That's just how life roll. 'trial and error' as they say in mathematics - that's the only thing i guess i remember in my math class) 

here goes some random stuff...

She has an open closet which is about to fall down anytime soon

She love loose tops and sweaters - wanna know why? ask me here. ;)
She loves gold better than silver
She buy books but never really read them 'til the end
She used to hate living in HK but is now loving it
She misses life in college even if it was so CRAYYYY
She sings anytime, anywhere

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