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It’s been almost 3 years since I got here in HK. Time flew so fast and I finally got into the point of i-gotta-do-what-i-want-and-what-i-love (I just don’t want to regret things in the future). I had been patient enough to take the time figuring out what I really wanted to do in my life – and I finally did. There are a lot of them so I should probably just mention ‘em once I get to do it one by one.

I love writing and it’s something I really enjoy doing (that's why I made this blog and no I won’t claim I’m good or pro at it)… But I would do anything to prove to myself, make everybody proud and be like ‘hey! I finally did it!’ and of course make the most of what BRO has given me. :)

One night (around 7PM), I was at the gym doing some crunches. My phone vibrated as I was taking 5secs break (who ever invented mobile vibration is such a genius! I actually owe you my career! Haha! kiddiiin!). Number wasn’t registered in my phone so I answered…. Viola! It’s Kelly England of THE GUIDE! To make it short, I was able to work and write for THE GUIDE Magazine JUNE2012-ish. ( click here to see full issue )

Since I was new here in HK, THE GUIDE magazine has always been a part of my exploring and has been very helpful in discovering new things. I highly recommend it to everybody who's exploring and living here in Hong Kong – not just because I was able to work with them but because it is a HK-lifestyle-guide and totally helpful! Trust me! I've tried! It’s everywhere in HK so grab your copy now! (click here to see on where you can grab a copy of THE GUIDE Mag)

xx, i

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