Pedder Red SS'14 x Banana Graffiti by Marta Grossi

So happy and excited that Marta Grossi exhibited yet another interesting collection of art. Shoe brand, Pedder Red, collaborated with the one and only, Marta and exhibited ‘Banana Graffiti’ alongside with Pedder Red’s new SS14 collection, which by the way is something you should check out - we made sure to not miss out on this.

Here’s a quick interview with Marta Grossi while she was making an impromptu piece of art.

When did you start making art and what motivated you to pursue it?
Generally speaking, I started very early. I have been like this since I had memory. My mom would even always remind of the illustrations I made as a kid. I was interested in discovering things and would even put out my toys and elaborate or see them in my own way. But of course I also went to art school and studied graphic design and through the years it just evolved. It came naturally.


What inspired you to do the ‘Banana Graffiti’?
Banana Graffiti is a young project – personal project. Not less than four months ago I started customizing, but the idea, I got it like three years ago when I went here in Hong Kong. Whenever I go to the wet market I saw that the vendors write the prices on the fruit skin with a red marker so I took a photo of that. And because I draw on everything I thought there’s a potential in doing it with a banana skin and I did it just for fun. When I took an image of it with my phone camera and uploaded it online, which was just an experiment, it got a lot of comments and reviews from different parts of the world. I didn’t even expected that to happen so I just kept doing it and I didn’t even thought that it could be something like this – a collaboration with Pedder Red. It’s really amazing. It found its way to become popular.

 “Miss Pinch” A summer day, where the sun is high and the blue sky merges with the sea. Citrus scent floats through the air, frolicking with sounds of laughter. A magic summer.

How long did you do all of these?
I did this the day before the exhibition. For each, it took about an hour to two hours. It depends on the design.

 “Nana Cream”

What is the message of Banana Graffiti?

It’s temporary space. It’s something I cannot keep even if I want to. The message is I don’t need to spend so much money just to make art. I can do it with whatever I have on my desk and my daily routine. I can do it because it’s how I pursue things. You can be creative with every thing and be inspired by daily life and of course, art is for everybody. You know, some think art is only for some kinds of people? It’s like when you go to an exhibition, there’s just one target. If you don’t have money to buy something, you can’t exhibit or rent a gallery and stuff like that. So my message is be creative everyday. Just see common things in your daily life, eat banana for breakfast and just give it a twist and see it with irony and have fun and it could just make your normal day a different day, you know. I had a lot of fun doing this. It’ s something that I really enjoy.

 “Moon Rose” I’ve never been to the moon but the moon has to be a little pink for me. Pink and Silver. If you look carefully at a full-moon night sky, you’ll see pink twinkle in your eyes. At this moment, everything is possible.

What is your favorite piece among all?
That’s a very hard question. I’m very attached to my first 8 pieces because it became popular and that’s when people started to notice “Banana Graffiti”. But for this, I think it would be the one with a lot of wordings and letterings and green acid background and as well as pink flamingo. Though I’m very attached to the first 8 because it’s the reason why it became like this.

Along with the “Banana Graffiti”, of course, on display is the Pedder Red’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which is inspired by circus and jungle. We bet you’re going to love all of them… #musthaves.

 Totally eyeing on these
one of my favorites as well from the SS14 collection - pointy cutouts. 
 and I'm so obsessed with all these loafers / slip-ons.
 Luisa (Pedder Red, GM) and Marta (Artist) and of course me with Marta's designed banana. ;)
Here’s the finish product of what Marta did while we were doing the interview.

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xx, i.

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